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Have You Thought About Joining The Side Gig Economy?

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

If you have a skill or passion that’s not being used to its full potential, it may be time to consider using this to supplement your salary with a side gig.

What is a Side Gig?

A side-gig or side-hustle is something you do in addition to your regular job. It’s a way of creating another stream of income, eventually taking this full time (if you wish to).

It’s not a fancy way of labelling a 2nd job, side gigging is totally different. Back in the days people were moonlighting to make ends meet, side gigging is creating something for yourself and growing this into a business with an end goal of more income and more time. It’s taking something like a hobby or interest and finding a way of making an income from it. With e-commerce sites today such as Etsy, eBay, and Fiverr it can be really simple to start up with very little capital (my start up costs were £0!)

How to find your gig?

What are you good at? What do you enjoy? This could be something that you may have never thought of before but it can be something simple. If you are fluent in another language, you can teach it, my partner has a side gig as an interpreter. If you love making or customising your own clothes, sell them online – there could be a market out there for you. It can start from just helping somebody out, such as walking a friend’s dog. There are lots of start up companies right now where you get paid to pet sit or house sit.

There was just an article I read today, a 15 year old pupil has built a £50,000 tuck shop business! It started with him selling sweets and drinks to his fellow pupils from the boy’s toilet in his school, and now has expanded to other schools in his area. You can even start with something linked to what you currently do. If you’re a PA and good with correcting grammar and writing, there are people out there who will pay for your skills. I know someone who makes a good extra income by editing blogs and online posts in English for Chinese writers.

“Look around and you’ll see side-hustlers everywhere turning their knowledge and abilities into profitable businesses.”

Alexis Grant – writer

Do the research

Look into what similar gigs are offering and which platform you then want to start using to get your gig out there. Etsy is good for Arts and Crafts and personalised items. Fiverr and Elance if you’re offering a service. Speak to people, whether that be people you know who are doing it or people online. There are plenty of places to look, a simple Google search will list the information you need. You just need a willingness to do it. When I started out, I wasn’t certain what I wanted to do, just that I wanted to start doing something that I enjoyed and had the potential to go full time. I experimented with a few things and that’s what has got me to where I am now.

It’s not a job

There are no set times like a 9-5, therefore you have to be disciplined. You have to set time aside to work on your side gig if you want to make it successful. However if you enjoy what you’re doing, it should be something you look forward to spending time on. I don’t see my side gig as work, I enjoy the time I spend on it. I see it as a creative outflow of energy.

The side gig is becoming ever more popular and appealing. Millennials in particular are embracing more flexible ways of working. It’s a natural evolution of the workforce in a changing economy, and with the power of social media, you can take your business global. The technology is now available with apps such as Evernote (your faithful organisation tool) makes it so much easier today to do business. Unlike a job, you work at your own pace, there are many others working a similar side gig to myself and are now earning a full time income and more with it. They have chosen to put in the time to get them to where they are, I am working at a pace that fits in with my lifestyle. The beauty is you choose.

Enjoy it!

Some like a balance between their side gig and their day job and enjoy the variety. Others intend to go full time with their gig. The point is choice and flexibility. We no longer live in a time where you work for one company all your life, and in return you are offered job security and a guarantee the company will look after you when you retire. The government have already stated there is not enough in the pension pot for the huge number of baby boomers about to hit retirement age. Would you rather just wait and see what happens, hoping things will be OK or would you rather know you will be OK. Side gigging is the step in the right direction. It helps you become in control of your finances and your time. Have a gig, start hustling!

Why Altadena, CA Is a Great Place to Buy a Home

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Altadena is a charming city located north of Pasadena, CA and south below the hills of the picturesque San Gabriel Mountains. The nature-down-to-earth vibe of the city has attracted a creative, ambitious crowd that continues to positively affect the growth and development of Altadena. Make no mistake, homes in Altadena are in demand and the Altadena real estate market is red hot.

According to AreaVibes.com – Altadena has a livability score of 76, extremely livable. This is higher than the California average of 65 and the national average of 70. This high score is attributed to the high degree of local amenities, a stable housing market, ideal weather and low crime rate.

The Altadena Chamber of Commerce advocates specially for small, local businesses. They work fiercely to increase awareness of their residents shopping at locally owned businesses. They believe that these independent stores generate most of the new jobs in the US. They help by organizing campaigns like “Buy Local First” to build a community and relationship between the businesses and the residents. This work has resulted in events like the local Farmer’s Market. This happens weekly on Wednesdays in Loma Alta Park. A mixture of farmers and prepared food vendors treat residents to their authentic food. There is a park adjacent to the market where musicians play and residents picnic.

According to AreaVibes.com, when comparing Altadena to the national average the average home price is 226% higher, the median rent asked is 53% higher, the number of owner occupied households is 10% higher and the number of renter occupied households is 18% lower. BestPlaces.Net shows that home appreciation is up 17.8%. These are all signs of a healthy, growing city.

Area Vibes says the overall crime rate in Altadena is 10% lower than the national average. There are only 7.27 daily crimes that occur in every 100,000 people. Altadena is safer than 42% of US cities and 53% of California cities. The total year over year crimes in Altadena have decreased by 2%.

Area Vibes shows that the highest average temperature in July, the hottest month of the year, is 76 degrees. The lowest average temperature in January, the coldest month of the year, is 43 degrees. This makes hiking weather ideal any time of the year.

There is a wide assortment of trails in Altadena. With the close proximity to the mountains, these trails range in difficulty and breathtaking views. One of the most popular trails is Inspiration Point via Castle Canyon. This trail has multiple views and stopping points, variations in terrain and historical placards with interesting facts at the top. There is a lush green oasis in the middle of the hike. Another well-known trail is Echo Mountain via Sam Merill. At the top of Echo Mountain lays the abandoned “White City”, a resort complete with railroad tracks and a tennis court. The trail of Echo Mountain is well groomed with lots of shade, long switchbacks and benches along the way for resting. For the less adventurous types there are a slue of parks like Farnsworth Park. This park has a baseball field, tennis courts, picnic tables with and without shelter and a memorial building for events.

Altadena is one of the best places to live. On top of the growing community, economy, low crime and perfect temperature, its close proximity to the mountains provides a life rich with earth and balance.

For those interested in purchasing a home in Altadena, CA, it is advised to find and work with an experienced real estate agent that specializes in selling and buying homes in Altadena.